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Product Solution Overview


Recently, a new tablet device was introduced into the consumer market. It was then scheduled to launch into the business space. However, the needs of a consumer is different than the needs of a business. A new sales strategy and game plan was needed.


The Product Solution Overview for Enterprise was created to align stakeholders and present a consistent story. The differentiating idea is that while competitors offer consumer devices trying to enter the business world, this tablet is a business device solution with consumer features. 


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In enterprise business today, employees are bringing their own personal devices to work. It's the new normal, the Bring Your Own Device World.  How does the IT department ensure security and serve its customers with solutions that are flexible, innovative, and meets their real needs? By providing agile tablet devices that meet business objectives with powerful productivity, state-of-the-art security, and breakthrough manageability that is cool enough for employees to adopt as their own.



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