Project Management

Seeing the big picture view as well as the smallest details, planning an approach that makes the best use of resources, execute effeciently and on-time, align to brand, messaging, and legal, and track budgets all while influencing people to do their best. 

Product Launch

As a program manager for the Office 365 Launch, I oversaw the creation and execution of website videos, demos, and localization/translation as well as resources and budgets.

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Online Events 

Webcasts, interactive conferences, and archived presentations take a special kind of project management that requires deep technical knowledge as well as anunderstanding of how an audience wants it's information. 

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Executive Producer

Overseeing 103 projects with a combined budget of 1.5 million over the course of a typical year takes hard work, budgetary balance, people skills, and a sense of humor. 

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Brad Cochrane

Keynote Speaker, Author, and Communication Professional

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