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Product Launch Manager



Office 365 Content Environment, visual assets, web videos, hosting, and translation


I managed a diverse group of stakeholders including the high-level client as well as representatives of individual business groups. All had to approve the original concept and approach as well as iterations along the way; needless to say, each business group had their own agenda. Additional stakeholders included software engineers, web developers, localization/translation teams, marketing, legal, geo-political, and creative vendors.


In early consultation sessions, I put together a creative approach, schedule, and budget that got us all in the same car headed to the right destination to arrive on time. As point-of-contact, I then led the v-team throughout the whole process tracking tasks and progress while adjusting for unforeseen circumstances. Skills in diplomacy and an understanding of the Microsoft culture were essential in navigating the political background as well as how to get things done.


On the technical side, establishing and communicating specifications between the various engineering stakeholders was a priortiy. The late additon of a translation requirement threatened to put us behind schedule and over budget but I found a unique solution using closed-captioning technology.  I am happy to report that the project was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.



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