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Leadership Team


A Leadership Team at a major software corporation meets on a quarterly basis to align goals, set strategies, and share best practices. However, the meetings did not meet the real needs of the diverse members of the team. A fresh approach was needed.


To discover gaps, a series of interviews with numerous members was conducted. A new communication strategy was formally proposed based on the pillars of Leadership, Information, and Dialogue.  


By defintion, leaders are bombarded with information. They need to quickly assess what's important and what's not. A meeting series email template was created so they could identify its importance, see the topic agenda, and a summary of issues. They knew what to expect ahead of time and later emails followed up on what was discussed and calls-to-action. 


For the meeting itself, a template was created so that there was a consistent participant experience, presentations were to the point and time was scheduled for discussion. 


Leadership, Information, and Dialogue was modeled throughout all communications and participants’ needs were met. The meetings are now thriving and momentum has been regained.  



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