A well-rounded writer has creativity that finds expression in many mediums and many forms. That's while you'll find some of the best business writers have interests that are unexpected. 

Boomtown: The Insider's Guide to Bank Robbery

He’s a hapless criminal robbing the town bank in an Old West tourist trap. But keeping one hop ahead of the law proves tougher than chewing a bagful of nails. Meet the colorful characters, dreamers and schemers of Burnswoode as they ride hard for pay dirt in Boomtown.  

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Cameraman Charlie Brown 

For the St. Paul Peanuts Festival celebrating favorite son Charles Schultz, Brad created the Cameraman Charlie Brown statue complete with working video camera.

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Brad Cochrane Personal Website

Read all about me and my personal philosophy, history, writing, and adventures. 

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Brad Cochrane

Keynote Speaker, Author, and Communication Professional

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