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Effective marketing content engages the customer first with a compelling storyline, then introduces the product as an essential part of the story and finally leads the reader to a powerful call-to-action. 

Sales Content

Microsoft sells numerous software and hardware solutions though partner sales teams. It's vital that a consistent approach and message is utilized across all efforts.  I use a storytelling approach to create and develop support material for field sales teams. Includes strategy, message, and approach.  

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Software Sales

Windows Intune is a cloud-based product that enables IT administrators to manage and protect user computers from virtually anywhere. The purpose of this video was to keep the product solution top-of-mind for IT decision makers. Instead of extolling features, I made the IT Administator the focus.

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Product Launch

Office 365 is a cloud-based product that combines the best of popular Microsoft software programs. The product launch included a website with scenario videos that engaged the viewer while detailing features and benefits. To make sure that content told the overall message while highlighting specific benefits, I created a unique messaging tracking sytem.

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