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Internal Communications

Clear internal business communications are essential for imparting information, aligning strategies, and directing people towards a common goal.  To reinforce the overall business story, every message is consistent across all communication deliverables.


Every year, Microsoft gathers worldwide field sales teams together for a large in-person event. With a huge number of presentations, I needed to keep business owners and creative vendors aligned to a common branding, legal, and technical standard. I created the MGX Newsletter to engage early, build credibility, and influence consistent deliverables.

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Product Solution Overview

A large company was introducing a new mobile device to business. To introduce a new strategy and align a common sales approach, I created this new guidance document.

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Education Market

To meet the needs of the teachers and students, Microsoft is introducing Surface devices coupled with Office 365 into the classroom. Because this was a complicated offering with many stakeholders, I helped create aligned communication templates, sales presentations, and overall organization.

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