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How to Interview People

In this tutorial for marketers, Brad Cochrane explains how to elicit stories that authentic and powerful.

Runtime: 7 minutes

Story First Marketing© 

Brad Cochrane gives an overview of Story First Marketing© and how to create a great story.

Runtime: 24 minutes

New on Sway! Story First Marketing 

Brad Cochrane's presentation now available on Sway, the new online presentation tool from Microsoft. 

Images only. 

Storytelling Blog -Brad Cochrane

My weekly Blog features original content and insights about Story First Marketing. Posted here as well as LinkedIn.

The Conversation Map©

Use this guide to interview anyone and elict stories that are authentic, powerful, and robust.

Companion to How to Interview People video.

What is Story First Marketing?©

Engage the audience through an emotion-based story in which a brand, product or point-of-view is integral to the story and its completion.

The Five Stories for Entrepreneurs©

From Silicon Valley to Shark Tank, entrepreneurs are pitching their ideas. The way to an investor’s wallet is through these five stories well-told.

The Five Stories for Job Seekers©

From coffee catch-ups to interviews, job seekers are talking to people. To find the next perfect role, they need to tell the Five Stories for Job Seekers©.

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