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What is Story First Marketing?

A story is a series of actions in which a sympathetic character confronts and solves a difficult problem while learning a greater lesson. The purpose of a story is to change the audience's internal state from non-interest to adoption of an idea; a story invites the audience to feel, be inspired, and act. 


Story First Marketing© engages the audience through an emotion-based story in which a brand, product or point-of-view is integral to the story and its completion. It's a powerful approach that results in superior customer engagement.

Who is Brad Cochrane?

Brad is a professional communicator who consistently delivers compelling narrratives for marketing and business. In a world of competing messages and information overload, he puts order to chaos helping people, products, and businesses find and tell their unique authentic stories.  


Brad has decades of experience in broadcast television, marketing, and business communications developing messages on-air, online, and on paper.  

Featured Speaker

  • American Marketing Association 

  • Seattle Angel

  • Microsoft

  • Founder Institute 

  • International Association of Business Communicators 


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